Work at TLab West

Work at TLab West

TLab West is a development company with an in-house consulting operation. We specialize in large integrated systems with main focus on high-tech security technology. By security technology, we mean burglar alarms, fire alarms and access systems.

Most projects we undertake are conducted “in house”, in other words, we take responsibility for the entire project. We develop our own products including PC-based systems, built in systems and hardware construction. You will find an exciting work environment and will be working on some of the largest security installations in Sweden.

Job application

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Current openings

Currently we don’t have any openings. Please contact us if you think TLab West seems to be an interesting workplace and you think you would like to try us out. Even if we haven’t got any current application campaign, we are always interested in getting in touch with people who are interested in technology, committed and passionate about making the best solutions.