Efficent Access Control Administration With Increased Security

Origo has, in close cooperation with our customers and partners, been developed to be an access management system for efficient administration and monitoring of major security installations


Origo uses a web-based, decentralized workflow that gives all users and managers full overview and control. Each category of users has access to information that is relevant to him or her

Uncompromising automation

Origo can flexibly be adapted to a company work routines. This results in enormous cost savings and at the same time reduces the risk of manual errors.

Origo has an open interface

It is possible to connect the majority of all access control systems on the market to Origo. In addition, the security system can be integrated with the company’s other IT structure. The different systems work together and update each other


Access Control Administration

A new way of working with access control administration. Origo ensures that all information in all systems is up to date and kept up to date.

Cost Efficiency

Simple web-based applications sent to responsible and decision-makers significantly reduce time and resources.

Information and decisions are handed over to the nearest operational managers. A delegated way of working that provides significantly higher security.
User Friendly

The Origo user interface presents information in a clear and infromative way and the user is guided step by step in his work tasks.


The unique process engine handles uncompromisingly the demands and needs of different businesses. This applies to all work routines, both manual and automatic.

Open System

The open architecture means that you can integrate with the customer’s existing system.