TLab West AB in cooperation with BuySec A/S has delivered Origo to Sarpsborg municipality in Norway.

The administration of access control systems at Sarpsborg municipality has been very complex. The installation is comprised of four different access control systems from different suppliers, and this has been a source of much additional administrative work. In addition, the municipality is active in many different areas, each with their own set of routines and requirements. Activities that Sarpsborg municipality manage include healthcare, education, leasing of sports facilities, entrepreneurs, consultants, and contractors.

Origo provides a single point of data entry for all their access control systems and integrates them with other IT systems such as HR and AD. Origo also enables the municipality to tailor specific processes for different personnel categories, giving local managers the opportunity to administrate their own personnel and the access they require. Additionally, all employees are provided with a self-service option for changing PIN codes, blocking lost access cards, applying for additional access, and more.

The registration of employees in the system is completely automated. Origo imports employees from the HR system and assigns access according to where they work and what they do. Employees are notified by email when a new photo is required (photo kiosks are available) and informs them when and where they can pick up their new access cards.

Access card manufacturing is also fully automated where Origo selects a card layout based on personnel category and then orders the card from the BuySec access card manufacturing plant in Mjøndalen. In urgent situations Sarpsborg municipality can also manufacture access cards locally.

Using Origo we save a lot of administration time, but most importantly we get much better control over the access cards and access rights in our systems. We achieve both improved security and cost savings for the municipality” – Lars Erik Nøkleby, Project manager for Origo implementation at Sarpsborg municipality.

We see great potential for Origo in the Norwegian market. Sarpsborg municipality is our first installation of Origo and we have also installed Origo at our main office in Mjøndalen” – Hans Tommy Wilhelmsen, CEO, BuySec.