Motor lock 6000 from Safetron can now be connected to Sentrion using OSDP communication without requiring a control unit.

The motor lock is physically connected to the Sentrion door control unit DSS-Door over RS485 using the same line as the connected card readers. The motor lock can then be configured and accepted as a unit using either the integrated web interface of Sentrion or the server-based management system PACOM Unison. During this process encryption keys are exchanged between the lock and Sentrion. When this is done the installation is initiated and approved and a completely secured and encrypted connection is established from Sentrion all the way out to the lock.

Features such as door status, bolt status and activations are controlled using the OSDP line without the need for relays. More than 25 different events can be communicated from the motor lock to Sentrion and then on to the server-based access control system PACOM Unison. Examples of events include different error codes, temperature readings, and installation dates.

Embedded logic for monitoring service requirements is also available and allows the motor lock to inform the access control system when service is needed. This is enforced using cycle count. Using this information service agreements can be tailored for the end customer, and most important of all, the life span of the product can be increased by preventing unnecessary wear.