On 7 April 2021, TLAB West Group signed an agreement to take over the ownership of Linjator AB.

Linjator, which was founded in 1988, is known across the Nordics as a reputable provider of interconnection accessories and enclosures within the installation sector. Linjator has a clear focus on security and telecommunications installations, and the company’s product portfolio includes solutions that have become the de facto standard for such installations. Products are manufactured at the company’s own factory in Visby in collaboration with different partners, primarily in Sweden.

For more than 20 years, TLab West has been one of the leading Nordic companies in the development and manufacturing of electronic products for high security. The company’s activities include the design and manufacturing of a range of products, from electronics to large, integrated, software-based security systems. TLab West’s security products are installed and in use at some of the largest and most prestigious facilities in the Nordic countries.

TLAB West’s and Linjator’s products are often used together, and for many years the companies have worked closely to drive the development of standardized form factors and solutions.

“Linjator will continue to operate as a stand-alone company, but will simultaneously contribute to the growth of the entire TLab West Group in 2021 and beyond. The companies complement each other well, and through Linjator, TLab West covers the entire value chain, from integrated security management systems, panels and I/O-boards to interconnection accessories. We also envisage great synergies from coordinating our manufacturing,” says JP Garsdhol, Chairman of the Board of TLab Group.

Linjator’s customers will not experience any delivery interruptions as business will continue as usual in Visby, and under the same company name. Moreover, the former owners will remain in the company for a longer transition period, and thereby ensure that Linjator’s transition to a TLab West Group company goes as smoothly as possible.

“The combination of TLab West and Linjator is incredibly exciting. Linjator has a very broad product range, which combined with TLab West’s strength in innovation, lays the groundwork for many new and exciting technological solutions,” says Lowe Fryman, CTO of TLab West.

“We are very happy that TLab West is taking over and continuing the journey that we started more than 30 years ago. It was very important for us to find a buyer with the capacity and ability to continue to drive the progress made at Linjator. Under the ownership of TLab West, I feel confident that our customers will continue to trust Linjator’s products and delivery,” says Staffan Örevik, Linjator’s CEO.