Sentrion is a fully integrated burglary and access control system specifically tailored to customers with high security demands. The Sentrion platform is approved according to the highest security grade. It is based on an integrated control unit that is easily extended with accessories for increased capacity and cost-efficient installations.

Sentrion can be used as a stand-alone system for smaller installations administrated using the built-in web user interface. Sentrion can also be used as an integrated part of the PACOM Unison management system. When integrated with PACOM Unison, Sentrion is well suited for use by small and medium sized organizations, as well as very large organizations with sites including thousands of doors and alarm areas.

Many new features and improvements have been added in the now available Sentrion version 4.8. Examples include:

  • Integration with intelligent lock systems using OSDP communication, e.g., the Safetron 6000 series of motor locks.
  • Improved integration with the Pacom card reader series, including support for remote firmware download using Sentrion Manager.
  • Support for autonomous local programming in Sentrion. Easily create advanced rules using AND/OR conditions that operate completely autonomously in Sentrion.
  • Improved integration with the Milleteknik power supply series.
  • Improved features, including management, for the night lock feature.

Release date: 2020-12-18

Please refer to release notes and other documentation for further information about software versions and system requirements.

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