TLab West AB launches the next generation Sentrion intruder alarm system which complies with Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningens (SSF) Security Grade 3/4 (SSF 1014). Sentrion S3 is a market leader as it not only complies with Security Grade 3/4 but is also approved for use in premises with Environmental Class II.

One of the most flexible and powerful integrated intruder alarm and access control system available in the Swedish market can now be installed in all facilities that require maximum protection and insurance.

Sentrion is a modular intruder alarm and access control system. The controller is supplemented with subunits and keypads to meet the desired capacity and functionality. Sentrion can be integrated with a management system, such as Pacom .is Unison, or operate independently and then managed via the built-in web interface. In conjunction with the launch of the new generation of Sentrion, many new features are launched such as the DSS-touch touchscreen keypad and a variety of subunits.

“As Sentrion, as one of very few products, has been approved with both the highest possible security grade and environmental class II, we confirm that Sentrion is the right choice if you prioritize security.” – says Lowe Frykman, CTO at TLab West. “This, combined with the user-friendliness and flexibility of Sentrion, puts the system in forefront among market-leading integrated intruder and access control systems” Lowe continues saying.