Origo from TLab West is now up and running at SSAB in Luleå. Origo greatly simplifies the registration of access for contractors and other staff. Through Origo, SSAB has gained major cost savings and considerably higher security and control. SSAB is now aiming to expand Origo and integrate it at the company’s other sites.

The site in Luleå functions as an industrial park, with a number of independent companies operating there, in addition to SSAB. All the companies in the area use on-site contractors and service staff who are required take SSAB’s mandatory SSG safety training before being given access to the site. There is a heavy flow of external staff in and out of the industrial park, making for complex processing of access cards and access rights.

Using Origo, those receiving visitors at the different companies can register their own contractors for themselves. Registration is very simple, efficient and highly automated. Contractors also have the possibility to register themselves via SSAB’s website. These external registrations are then retrieved by Origo and automatically sent to the relevant person expecting the visitor. This makes processing even more efficient.

Origo’s automation ensures that all of SSAB’s training requirements are met and that that validity periods are not exceeded. Thanks to Origo, the people receiving visitors get an easily accessible overview of the staff for whom they are responsible, and Origo also allows them to extend, terminate or apply for expanded access for their staff.

All in all, Origo provides better control of contractors, greater security and, at the end of the day, significant cost savings. “We see major advantages in Origo’s decentralised way of working and high level of automation,” says Robert Ridefors, Security Manager at SSAB. “A registration that could previously take up to three days can now be done within 20 minutes,” continues Robert.

“Origo can be used in many types of businesses. Engineering industries with strict security and safety requirements is one of our priority areas. We have demonstrated significant improvement in efficiency and considerably greater security and control at many reference customers,” says Jan Karlsson, Customer Relationship Manager at TLab West.

SSAB is a leading global producer of advanced steel products. The company has operations in three locations in Sweden, Luleå, Borlänge and Oxelösund. In many ways, SSAB is a pioneer in sustainable business. For instance, SSAB plans to be able to offer the market fossil-free steel by 2026 and become a completely fossil-free company by no later than 2045.

TLab West is a leading Swedish security company that supplies security products to the entire Nordic market. TLab West provides both innovative security products and qualified consulting services Many of the largest security installations in the Nordics are built on systems from TLab West.

SSG (Standard Solutions Group) provides standardised services to the Swedish industrial sector, such as training, technical standards and tools for logistics, maintenance and safety. SSG is owned by Sweden’s largest forest industries and is the creator of SSG Entre, security training for industrial contractors.